Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Work Shit

You ever have a co-worker who called in sick or took time off for "doctor's visits" almost weekly?? The receptionist at my job is like that.  Every week it is SOME thing.  She goes to the emergency room (in the middle of the night), then calls in sick the next day because she was in said emergency room all night.  There are many times when she comes in at 11am because she is at the doctor's and there are times when she takes a three hour lunch, to go to an afternoon doctor's appointment.  None of her personal time is being used either.

She is the receptionist, so people notice when she's out and managers are starting to ask why she is out so much.

I like her, so I tried to talk to her while we were making coffee this morning - she damn near bit my head off.  "I have lupus and when I have a flare up, I need to take a day off.  I also have kidney issues.  People just have to understand...." etc etc  I shut up. 

I know lupus is serious.  I know people who have died from it and I know people who are sick...who are in and out of the hospital for long-term visits while they continue to fight the disease.  I'm not sure people believe the receptionist is really sick and I wouldn't be surprised if notes from the hospital aren't requested in the future.  Whatever happens, I won't try to warn her again.

She is working SUPER hard this morning though...and as chatty and loud as she normally is, she has been SUPER quiet since I basically let her know the streets is watching.

In other news the CEO's old assistant is gone (Hallelujah!!  I can't remember whether I already blogged that and I'm too lazy to check!).  The new assistant has been getting some shade from this other assistant - so much so that they got in to a screaming match last week.  It went from loud dialog over the cubicle wall to an in-your-face SCREAMING match.  The other assistant tried to end it by yelling, "You're mean.  Do not say anything else to me!"  The new assistant actually did end it, by yelling, "Then shut your damn mouth!  If you don't want me to respond, then.....SHUUUUUT.......UUUUP!" And that was that.

HR had to get involved, so they are faux cool now, but it was quite the office scandal - people were picking sides (I'm team new assistant btw).  It was just the type of petty bull shit, that makes me miss working in a mostly male dominated office.  My days here are probably numbered.  I aint able.